The Manifesting Formula

with Christine Rizzo

In this podcast, I break down the Formula in detail so you can easily understand why manifesting works for some and not for others. Weekly, I give tips, and secrets that you can carry out into your every day, so you can start using your energy to attract the life you have always wanted. Start at Episode 1, there is a lot of value in each episode, that you wont want to miss the truth behind manifesting. Listening weekly you will feel inspired, empowered and you will learn to step into your power by listening to your intuition. It's time to know your truth, about how powerful you really are, so you can start manifesting the shit out of everything you have ever wanted & turn that vision board of yours into your reality.

Jewish & Spiritual

with Caro Szabo

In this podcast, my purpose as a modern, spiritual Jewish woman is to help you step into your power, so you can start manifesting the beautiful life you have always wanted! Listen each week, as I share with you my personal stories and the secrets to keeping your vibrations high and attracting all the things that you want into your life! The Formula I teach is pure magic! There won't be a problem you won't know how to solve, nor anything you won't be able to attract and create! Connect to your intuition, connect to your soul, connect to LOVE, and let's get started on this very exciting spiritual journey to your amazing life!